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Reasons to Address Employee Burnout

Updated: Mar 27

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Employee burnout is a common problem that employers often have to face within the workplace. Due to COVID, some employees are saying they are more frustrated, overworked and dissatisfied. A recent study shows that 47% of employees are suffering from job burnout sometimes with another 32% experiencing burnout on a regular basis.

Working from home has become tough with some employers increasing the workload of regular employees. Some #WFH policies has decreased the engagement rate with the increased workload and lack of trust which is causing serious issues. It has become important for employers to look at their own policies when addressing employee burnout. Some reasons to do this are as follows:

Improved productivity and engagement:

The biggest advantage of dealing with burnout is that it will directly impact the productivity and engagement of employees.

When employees are satisfied with their job they are working with a relaxed mind and complete the given tasks and projects on time. In this way employees will be able to complete more tasks in limited time in the absence of burnout, stress or other related problems. The increase in productivity will be beneficial to the individual, team and ultimately the organization. 

Increased job satisfaction:

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Addressing employee burnout will increase employees’ satisfaction with their job. When leaders pay attention to the issues that employees are facing and try to resolve them, it will increase trust. Employees will know that their employers will help them solve serious problems related to burnout. Addressing burnout will decrease the desire of employees to resign or find another job. 

Better commitment to job:

Burnout in employees often leads to reduction in commitment with the job. Some employees begin to not take their tasks seriously and as a result companies will lose productivity and ultimately profitability (more on that later). It is wise for employers to manage employees’ commitment to their jobs. By managing burnout, employers can in turn manage commitment.

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Increased profits:

COVID and lockdown have created some strain on some industries to maintain their profitability. We’ve seen some powerhouse companies crumble during these times (ex. Nordstrom and Pizza Hut). Companies have to manage every portion of their productivity equation. As such, it is necessary to increase employee engagement by decreasing burnout.

  Bottom line 

It is the responsibility of leaders and organizations to pay attention to the engagement and well-being of their employees.

About the Author

Natalie Robinson Bruner

Natalie Robinson Bruner helps organizations develop systems and implement strategies that engage their workforce by offering a three-stage process of training, planning and offering individualized consulting. By using research, experience, case studies, pragmatic solutions, humor, engaging activities and her own secret sauce; Natalie delivers a powerful message about engaging staff. In a fast-changing world, we need information that engages the organization resulting in realizing a purpose-driven mission, reducing turnover, and impacting the bottom line. Her clients include large to medium-sized businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Glad●ED Solutions develops succinct, research-based, experienced-informed training coupled with a pragmatic action plan for implementation. We are more than the fly-by-night training. Glad●ED Solutions offers creative solutions for personal and organizational development through corporate training, individual coaching and special events to support career advancement. Connect with Natalie on LinkedIn and visit her at Schedule a session or training today!


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