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Whether an executive director, development officer, or a one-person shop, you’re likely pulled in many directions and juggling different priorities and deadlines. GladED Leadership Solutions offers a full array of services to help make your job and fundraising a little easier.


Glad●ED Leadership Solutions can assist you with all aspects of developing a grant proposal. Every step of the grant writing process is designed to incorporate strategic planning between your organization, our team, our knowledge of the prospective funder, the client, the field, and the expertise of your staff. We help determine specific project goals and needs, as well as gather the internal and external data necessary to submit a complete and accurate grant proposal.

Our process for grant seeking is team-based. The lead strategist assigned to your proposal works with our internal staff and your staff on content, reviews, and editing. This means that when you receive a draft, it has already gone through a vetting process regarding the funder’s guidelines and is free from technical errors. The draft is ready for you to give input where it’s needed most – usually ironing out details regarding your work, the area you know best.


Often, written communication is the only form of contact between a nonprofit organization and a funder. It is essential to have proposals that are well written, include all requested information, and convey a message targeted at the funder’s specific interests. Our team is able to review and edit any proposal or letter to ensure it expresses the very best about your organization in a polished and complete form.


Reporting is a critical step often overlooked in the grant process. It is important to provide the funder with an accurate and detailed description of how their dollars have made a real impact on your work. We can assist with data and outcome analysis and prepare a report that invites the funder to donate to your organization year after year.


Stakeholders are people/organizations with a vested interest in your agency, issue, or cause. Effective stakeholder relations can make the difference between thriving and fledgling for a nonprofit organization. Whether you need help writing an annual report or putting together website text, we provide you with a quality product.

Grant and Grant Writing Facts:

  • There are over 86,000 grantmaking entities, with 92% represented by independent foundations (Foundation Center).

  • Private foundations represent the largest award source, primarily in nonprofit organizations. Of those organizations that reported private foundations were their largest source of funding, 95% were nonprofits (Grant Station).

  • Corporations are watching and changing their giving strategies due to data showing that over 60% of millennials and generation Z want to work for companies with high corporate social responsibility awareness (GuideStar).

  • Writing a single federal grant application takes a nonprofit an average of between 80 and 200 hours (The Balance). 

  • A grant writer applying for a combination of new and existing funders should have a success rate between 50 and 60%. A grant writer applying for new grants should have a success rate of 30 to 40%. A grant writer applying for existing grants (or expanding on existing grants) should have a success rate of about 80% (Funding for Good). 

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